Tembo Preserve Facilities and Map


When completed, the Tembo Preserve will include eight separate habitats ranging from 150 to 550 acres each, three heated elephant barns, 21 elephant shelters, stock ponds, a management center for staff, and an educational shelter.

Elephant Facilities

  • Three heated elephant barns of approximately 26,000 square feet each.  The first phase will include one barn that can service up to 12 elephants, providing shelter from cold weather and facilities for veterinary care.  Two additional barns will be added in subsequent phases.
  • Approximately 21 three-sided elephant shelters, each 1,600 square feet.
  • 2 to 4 stock ponds a water system including a well, water trough, mud wallow in each barn and shelter.
  • Five miles of new road construction and 20 miles of improvements to existing roads.
  • Approximately 14 miles of eight foot chain link fencing around the perimeter of the property and approximately 25 miles of eight to ten-foot high structural steel elephant-proof fencing for elephant enclosures.
  • Approximately six Overlooks throughout the property for staff observation of elephants.
  • Additional structures related to elephant care, including hay barns, keeper housing, and veterinary/lab space.

Management Center

  • A 2,500 square feet Operations Center containing offices and associated utilities and infrastructure.
  • Two 1,800 square foot residences adjacent to the Operations Center for on-site managers and a residence/dormitory accommodating up to ten employees, researchers etc.
  • A 200 square foot Educational Shelter featuring interpretive exhibits.
  • Two paved parking areas.

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