Conservation on Site

Elephants Living in Harmony with Nature

Conservation touches every aspect of the Tembo Preserve Foundation’s mission and management. In Africa, the Foundation supports the vital elephant conservation work of our partners. At home, the Foundation is committed to minimizing waste and consumption of natural resources and protecting the Preserve’s 4,900 acres of open space.

Sustainability Practices

  • The water supply will come from a network of groundwater wells.
  • Browse, hay, fruits and vegetables will be locally sourced.
  • Elephant manure will be composted and used to fertilize vegetation.

Land Stewardship

  • Invasive species will be controlled and where feasible, highly invasive non-native species that severely compromise existing habitat values will be eradicated.
  • Historic grassland habitat will be protected and enhanced.
  • Areas where heavy infestations of invasive species have displaced grasslands and other natural cover types will be successfully revegetated.
  • Notable plant and animal species existing in the Preserve will be protected and if needed, reintroduction and or head starting programs will be created to protect threatened species.
  • Man-made habitat enhancements such as bat roosting boxes and bird nest boxes will be installed to promote and support native fauna.
  • Native species will be supported by the existence of a year round water source.
  • Public outreach and participation will be encouraged including volunteer opportunities such as invasive species removal, bird counts, stream clean-ups, owl nest box installations and more.

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